Finding Your Creative Flow

How would it feel to work with efficient, laser-focused, concentration, to complete your projects fluidly with effortless productivity, and experience the bliss of boundless creative flow?

Finding your flow is the most joyous, rewarding, and fulfilling feeling you can have when working! Flow is when you hit your stride and start to glide through your process so effortlessly — so fully immersed, that you don’t have to think about what to do next. The work seems to flow from deep within and your creativity feels powerful and unstoppable. If you’ve ever felt flow you know, it’s ecstatic and intoxicating! 

So how do you achieve a state of flow, and where can you find it so you can intensify it and experience it again and again?  

My mini-course course on Flow will help you achieve flow and realize your creative potential.

  • 5-Self-paced modules with techniques and guidance for finding flow
  • Over 15 writing prompts and practices to help you set intentions then find, maximize, and replicate flow
  • A free Arts Journal to customize your journey and downloadable PDF materials to reference
  • Plus a BONUS Invite-only access to a live session with me and your fellow Flow learners

Join me! Let’s unleash your creative potential and let your creativity and productivity flow!


Part 1: Making Fun Lines: Experimenting with Color

Part 2: Cover the Page: Exploring Composition

Part 3: Abstraction: Finding Your Own Way

Part 4: Canvas Painting: Discovering Your Aesthetic

“Painting for Scaredy Cats”

“Painting for Scaredy Cats” is a four-part beginning workshop for everyone and anyone who wants to have more creativity in their lives. NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE needed! Just curiosity and a willingness to learn or reacquaint yourself with something new…

If you used to paint, sketch, doodle or if you are brand new to painting, this class is for you. Enjoy the freedom and fun that flows in this guided four-part series. This is not a tutorial—it is a class with other participants learning with you. All you’ll need is paper, a paintbrush, an inexpensive set of acrylic paints and an open mind. Join us!

Limited Enrollment
Coming 2022


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