Elizabeth McKoy

Painter, Theatre Director, Teaching Artist and Founder of CreativeCafe.org – a non-profit organization seeking to help individuals grow and celebrate their creativity.

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Elizabeth’s paintings tend to be textural, colorful, and gestural. She explains, “I love the intimate dance of working with acrylic paints and when I paint, I often get completely lost in time and space, especially when I immerse myself in music. I often find a physical rhythm to my paintings that informs my process. I love abstract painting, but I also enjoy the discipline of painting realistic subjects.  Each type of painting offers me a different way of seeing and responding – a different way to find an artistic balance.  I also deeply appreciate the sense of detachment when I am working – of not knowing exactly where a painting will start, stop, or need to be layered over. Some of my favorite paintings have 10 or more fully finished layers beneath them.”

Before moving to Sebastopol, she has been deeply involved in the Bay Area professional theatre arts community for over 20 years where she founded and was Artistic Director for the award-winning Berkeley Playhouse.

Elizabeth is a “forever nester” with 5 children ages 6-26,  an amazingly supportive husband and endlessly helpful mother.   She is passionate about teaching, coaching, and helping others unleash their creativity online and in-person.

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I feel so alive and awake with anticipation when I am starting a new painting. There is nothing quite as exciting as starting a new painting – the process makes me feel connected to the world. I love abstract painting, but also feel the need to paint realistic subjects. When I am trying to see realism – I find myself focused in a completely different way which helps me find my artistic balance. I love moving as I paint, almost feeling as though my gestures are a dance. I appreciate the sense of detachment – of not knowing where I am going when I paint. with others as a teacher, mentor and coach.

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